Dating in Our Time

Dating is an art and a few people have mastered it and they have ladies and men falling all over them. However, there are others who find going out on dates a very challenging task. There is also another group of people who commit cardinal sins when dating and this puts their chances of a second date at risk. If you belong to this group or if you find it very difficult to approach someone for a date face to face, you need not worry.


There are various online dating sites where you can meet people. Not having to approach people face to face will put you at ease and lessen the jitters. When you are comfortable enough with each other online, they you can talk about meeting face to face. There has been a lot of online dating success stories which translated to long and fruitful relationships so it is definitely something worth trying.

Today there are also various articles online where you can find good relationship advice and dating information so it might be helpful to read articles when you have free time to increase your chances in dating and in finding “the one”.  However, you should remember that one of the best advice you will ever get in dating is to always be yourself.

The Art of Dating

This is what many people of this generation has taken for granted; that dating is an art. Many people just overlook the value of dating. Dating is as precious as a work of art because it is art in itself. Many people also equate dating with flirting. No, dating is not an art of seduction. It is an act of self-discovery, of building relationships. It is an art of finding yourself in others and the other way around.

One good dating advice is to never play games. It is good to date often. That way, you get to know more people and then you get to choose who among them is the right fit for you. But don’t play games. But don’t easily fall too. The secret is in the balance. Achieve that balance, and you’ll do great in your relationships. Also, despite the advancement of technology and the advent of online dating, try to be traditional too. Traditions, after all, teach us a lot of things. So go out and date and eventually, you’ll master this wonderful form of art.

Art is a Form of Transfer

Art could mean a lot of things. Art is experience. It is a way of living. And sometimes, it is a form of transfer; a transfer from the literal to the figurative. It is a transfer. Like when an artist transfers the essence of a tree into a poem and in turn transfers the soul of the poem to the reader. Or when a musician extracts music from the birds and turn them into a composition, and this composition is heard by a painter who makes an art about it, and this work of art is seen by a poet and writes a poem about it and so on. Art is a transfer. It is also a cycle.

Sometimes, these art forms act like people movers. We, the audience, land on the “airport” called art. And in this airport, there are artworks who accommodate us, greet us and carry us off to new places, places whose sounds and sights are new to us. Art drives us to various places of the mind, the soul and being. Places that we didn’t even know existed. Well, that’s the magic of art.

Art and the Use of Meat

Art can make use of various ingredients. One of the more interesting things I heard about before, involved a particular artist who would create three dimensional pieces of art using raw meat. I think the idea here was that the meat would eventually begin to change or even rot, and it would even begin to draw insects and the like. So these pieces of art would be merely transitory, and after enough time passed, they would be virtually unrecognizable.

I think there were some people who didn’t quite appreciate the use of raw meat, but I thought that it was interesting. Personally, I prefer my meat on a plate and tasting delicious, preferably from my Auckland butchery of choice. But I find what that artist was attempting to do interesting. There is something gained when people try to push the boundaries of what is considered art, and I think that this kind of boldness should be encouraged.

Mentors Online

For those people who want to learn more about how to create art, it can help to have mentors or certain individuals to follow. The problem is that it isn’t easy to find mentors, and many of them aren’t really all that interested in the prospect. But that doesn’t mean this is a dead end. What people can do is look for websites and blogs by artists that they admire, and then follow the artist’s discussions, examples of progression, the art that is posted and more.

Over time, it will be possible to gain a better understanding into the process of art creation as well as the final outcomes, from this person. This can then help that person with his or her own art. This is particularly useful in terms of photography. A person can make it a point to regularly visit for example. From there, that person can look for ideas or inspiration that he or she can use while taking photographs.

Photographers and Their Portfolios

One of the best places to see different kinds of art styles is in the portfolios that professional photographers put up. These portfolios are online for various reasons. The photographer might want to have one place to display the best examples of his or her work. Maybe that person wants to increase the number of customers, by showing examples of his or her talent. Whether the reasons are personal or business-related or both, the good thing is that this results in a ton of amazing photos on the internet.

Different professionals will have different preferred subjects. For example, there will be some portfolios which will tend to focus exclusively on wedding photos. There are other professionals who focus on animals, nature, landscapes, close up photos and more. There’s one person in particular that I consider to be the best family photographer that I’ve seen. It’s very clear that there’s an abundance of talent from all around the world, who can shoot amazing photos.

Messages in Art

Some of the art on the internet was created just so that the artist could express himself. There’s some sort of vision that wants to get out, so the artist externalizes what is internal. But there are also works of art online which were created because the artist wanted to send some sort of message. Sometimes the message is political. Or it could be personal, or something else. That’s one of the advantages of the internet. It gives more people the chance to express all manner of messages through art.

So there are well-known artists who use artistic graffiti in order to send a message about the overreach of government, the loss of privacy, and about the many manifestations of poverty and suffering. There are people who create comic strips because they want to discuss depression. But you could also have a young person who just wants to tell a story about rats at home and rodent control, and who chooses to do this through a made up song, a drawing or even a simple game.

Art and Harmony

There is art that is meant to be disruptive and discordant. It’s meant to strike a nerve, or force you to rethink certain assumptions. This is art that can disturb the senses, in order to provoke some sort of response or change. However, at the same time, there is also art that is meant to evoke harmony and beauty. It is meant to please the senses, and allow the viewer to marvel at beauty. One art is not necessarily better or more truly art than the other. Instead, both types have something to offer.

When it comes to art that provides a sense of harmony, this is something that can be seen a lot online. For instance, the various products of the Rollerblinds company are meant to work in harmony with the particular window, as well as the surrounding room. If good choices are made, the entire room will feel polished and like one complete package.

Art from Everyday Objects

One of the interesting things about art on the internet, is that it sheds light on many different artists who create pieces using unorthodox materials. For example, there is an artist who creates three dimensional depictions of animals, using only metal parts that have been salvaged from junk shops. It’s a very interesting concept. When you look at each piece, you can make out the individual metal parts, such as toothed wheels, gears and metal poles. But then when you pull back further, and try to appreciate the whole, you can see that it’s a lion or a bear.

This same concept is carried out and applied by other artists using different ingredients. There are artists who create tiny sculptures using pencils and crayons. There are artists who come up with their creations using old books, plastic cards, leftover fast food and more. There really is no limit to what people can use to create art, and thanks to the internet, this is something that a much wider audience can see and appreciate.

Art Collaboration

One of the interesting things that the internet allows is more collaboration on a particular art piece. And given changes in technology, it is expected that this will increase. One example of this is art which is crowdsourced. A particular artist can ask fans from all around the world to send in a snapshot of themselves, and then these can be manipulated and put together in a way which creates a new and large piece of art. At a smaller scale, two or several artists can work more closely on a particular musical composition or piece of video, even if they are located in very different geographical areas.

Collaboration through more channels of communication is something that the internet does well, whether it be art or business or something else. For example, the internet allows a person to coordinate with a Pukeko Napier and Hastings office in order to manage a property, even if the person is traveling abroad. These are just some examples. There are many others.